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Shorty Bull Breed Standard

Height: 15" and under at the withers
Weight: Males 40# and under; females 30# and under
Head: Round head with typical bulldog features.  Eyes set far apart and not protruding.  Jaw should be curved or  turned up slightly and be black or liver colored.  Dudley noses are a cosmetic fault.
Bite: Undershot, but not excessively undershot
Eyes: May be any color, although brown is the preferred color
Ears: Cropped
Body: Should be short from back of the neck to base of the tail.  Chest should be broad for height and have depth reaching to the elbow.  A compact look is desired.
Width: Front quarters and hind quarters should be proportionate, not lending to a narrow rear, and the chest may be broader than the rear, but very narrow hindquarters are a fault
Shoulders and Rump: Well rounded and well muscled, lending to the appearance of strength.  There may be a slight rise over the loins.
Legs: Heavy boned and in direct proportion to the body.  Long legs in proportion to the body or fine bones are a fault.  Cow hocks or pigeon toes are a fault.
Feet: Tight feet and straight pasterns are desired.  Splayed feet are a fault.
Tail: Tail must be short, either docked or screwed.
Color: All Coat colors are accepted except merle and black and tan
Temperament: Good natured and even temperament is desired.  Extreme shyness or undue aggression is unacceptable.